Our Company

VAPGROUP is a constantly growing consulting firm, offering consulting & development services for businesses, public institutions and individuals. It has a well-trained scientific and technical staff and a wide network of partner. Our main objective is to provide modern and quality services, covering a wide range of activities, including investments, quality management, internet services, financial services & much more.

The implementation of a business idea or any investment proposal is a complex and time-consuming process that requires ample preparation, knowledge, experience and analytical approach. VAPGROUP supports entrepreneurs and investors in every sector of the economy and at different levels, for the successful implementation of their future moves.

In the middle of an ever-changing, globalized economic and business environment, full of unpredictable developments like the recent COVID-19 crisis, all businesses and government institutions will have to adapt and deal with the ever-changing new rules of internationalized economies in Europe and the world. Greek businesses should ensure their role in this changing environment and be further developed with success, contributing to the national economy and regional development. We support our clients in the process of developing and entering new markets in Greece and abroad, building on our experience and our transnational network of partner organizations and businesses.

Our company, through its many years of presence in the field of business & consultation services, has developed a wide range of partners including Private Enterprises, Municipalities, Public Sector Organizations, Regions, Universities and Research Centers, specialist auditors and many more entities.

Moreover, we cooperate and provide expert assistance to every institution of the wider Public Sector, focusing especially on Regional & Local development efforts.

Our services reach every part of Greece, through our partner network and the entirety of the implemented processes are performed in close cooperation with each company, maximizing the final result and the value we offer each of our clients.

The main areas of VAPGROUP activity are as follows: