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Consulting Services

In the middle of a rapid changing business environment, all companies need to be adapted and face the changing new rules of the globalised economies in Europe and Internationally. Greek Enterprises need to secure their role in that changing environment and further develop with success. We support our clients in developing and entering new markets in Greece and abroad based on our experience and our international network of our cooperating organizations.

The implementation of a business idea or any development investment is a very complex and time consuming procedure which needs knowledge, experience thinking. VAPGROUP supports businessmen and investors in all sectors of our economy and in many different levels for the successful implementation of their future moves.

Our services can be summarized below

  • Study – Analysis – Design – Implementation of business plans
  • Involvement in development models that aims at entering innovation in the business world
  • Service provision to many business development programmes
  • Business Process re-engineering
  • Market Analysis

Implementation of National Initiatives (ESPA 2014-2020)

Greece, through its participation in the European Union, provides a number of investment opportunities for existing companies or new business ideas. Especially, the implementation of The NSRF (National Strategic Reference Framework) 2007–2013 constitutes the reference document for the programming of European Union Funds at national level for the 2007–2013 period. It was elaborated within the framework of the new strategic approach to the Cohesion Policy of the European Union, according to which NSRF “…ensures that the assistance from the Funds is consistent with the Community strategic guidelines on cohesion and identifies the link between Community priorities, on the one hand, and the national reform programme, on the other.

VAPGROUP, supported by a great number of consultants and experts, can support all stages of the implementation of business opportunities and plans. The company and its human resources analyse the potential business needs, prepare the necessary steps and follow the necessary procedures for the implementation the proposed investments.

Our services can be summarized below:

  1. National Development Law
  2. Entrepreneurship development programmes
  3. Development and implementation of programmes
  4. ESPA 2014–2020

Involvement in many EU initiatives

1.European Programmes

The strategic target of VAPGROUP is the greatest possible involvement of the company in a number of EU initiatives in order to

  • Gain the necessary know-how and transfer it to the relevant private and public authorities in Greece
  • Exchange of expertise between partner organizations coming from various EU countries
  • Improve the participation of Greek companies and organization in EU programmes to assist their development and modernization

The areas of our involvement are

  • Research and Technological Development
  • Education and Training
  • Information Technologies
  • Regional Development
  • Innovation
  • Environment

Our services cover a wide range of activities which are the following

  1. Research and Development
  2. Provision of consultancy in EU projects administration
  3. EU Projects related to vocational educational training, improvement of competences
  4. Assessment and technical support of organizations involved in the implementation of EU initiatives

2.Regional Development

The European Union may be one of the richest parts of the world, but there are big internal disparities of income and opportunity between its regions. Through its regional policy, the EU transfers resources from affluent to poorer areas. The aim is to modernise backward regions so that they can catch up with the rest of the Union.

Our company fully supports the provision of services tailored to

  • Public Organisations (Ministries, Organisations of the Public Sector etc)
  • Organisations belonging to the wider public sector of the Greek Economy
  • Local Authorities and Development Organisations – Municipalities

The specialized services which can be offered by our company are directly dedicated to the

  • Development and business plans
  • Transfer of Technology and exchange of good practices between various EU and Greek regions
  • Technical Assistance to Regional Organisations aiming at participating in EU initiatives
  • Implementation of Business Plans and innovative strategies
  • Provision of consultancy support services
  • Project Management and coordination
  • Preparation and implementation of Project proposals of Local, Regional as well as National Authorities

Information Technology – Telecommunications

Information Technology is considered as the driving force to our nowadays global economic environment. The use of internet, intranet and modern mobile networks can boost the development process for the organizations and companies who adopts them.

VAPGROUP has identified the potential role that Information and Communication Technology (ICT) can play, therefore is ready to provide support and technical consultancy in projects regarding the private and public sector of the economy.

Our blend of integrated services include:

  • Quality control of IT projects
  • Technical support and provision of experience for the implementation of ICT initiatives
  • Study, Analysis and implementation of modern ICT solutions to both public and private sector of the economy
  • Networking, Internet, Teleworking
  • Support and development of ICT systems
  • Teleworking and blended learning environments
  • Multimedia Applications, WEB 2.0
  • Feasibility studies
  • Operational programmes concerning the use of ICT in both private and public sectors of the economy
  • Technical support for transfer of experience and good practices in ICT

Vocational Education and Training (VET)

In VAPGROUP, we consider that Vocational Education and Training is one of the key issues which will lead to social and economic growth. We adopt the VET as among our primary targets for our development strategy thus we can provide state of the art advisory support to both public and private organization structures throughout our

  • Participation in National and European Networks
  • Preparation and implementation of various EU initiatives
  • Transfer of knowhow and expertise between VET actors all over Europe

Our services can be summarized as follows

  • Application of new technologies in education
  • Training and Vocational Training of critical parts of the population (women, unemployed, elderly people etc)
  • Participation in projects fighting discrimination
  • Development of innovative educational procedures
  • Close cooperation with employment agencies located in Greece as well as across Europe, participating in joint actions against unemployment
  • Participation of the organism in the promotion of European policies and actions for the development of lifelong learning


VAPGROUP has among all other areas of specialization, the provision of high-quality advice on issues where legislative and public affairs interact with technically complex environmental problems. Our concentration on the environmental protection as well as the provision of services relevant to an alternative “green” development policy, has widen our expertise and strengthen our cooperation links with other, mainly European organizations.

Our portfolio of services consist of

  • Environmental administration
  • Development initiatives in the framework of “green” development
  • Transfer of good practices between various EU countries and Greece
  • Participation in various EU initiatives related to alternative energy sources
  • Provision of consultancy services regarding the development and application of modern and environmental friendly ways of construction
  • Environmental Policy
  • Environmental Institutional building
  • Natural  Resources
  • Marine Environment and Management of Coastal Areas
  • Urban Environment
  • Management of  Clean Technologies
  • Waste Management
  • Industrial and Agricultural Pollution


Areas of Specialisation

Regional Development and Public Sector of the Economy

Our company provides consulting services, technical support and project implementation in the following sectors Commission and the European Parliament.

  • Management of European projects
  • Regional Development
  • Participation in European projects
  • Follow-up and evaluation of European projects
  • Elaboration of Interim and Final evaluation reports for European programmes
  • Involvement in European projects
  • Preparation of universities, organizations and enterprises for their in Technical support of institutions during the implementation phases of projects
  • Elaboration of studies and researches on behalf of the European
  • Research and technological development
  • Education and training
  • Information technology
  • International relations

VAPGROUP’s services are addressing the following:

  • Public Sector
  • Enterprises in the phase of extension and internationalisation of their work and processes
  • Not Governmental Organizations – NGOs
  • Education and Training Institutions
  • Institutions of Public Administration (Ministries, Regions, Local Administration, etc)
  • Enterprises of the wider public sector
  • Local Administration and institutions engaged in development- Municipal enterprises
  • Private Enterprises

Our company has successfully participated/implemented, a wide number of initiatives for Organisations and Authorities of the Public Sector of our Economy. Our involvement includes

  • Implementation of programmes for the development of Teleworking in Greece with the close cooperation of social partners, Prefectures, Municipalities, Regional Authorities etc
  • Participation in various initiatives of General Secretaries of Ministries
  • Implementation as a Technocal Consultant in Regional Operational Programmes
  • Provision of consultancy services and technical support in matters regarding the promotion of ports to logistics stations
  • Provision of Consultancy Services to Municipalities and Prefectures for the implementation of innovation into their areas of activities
  • Implementation of various INTERREG programmes as well as involvement of initiatives regarding Regional Development
  • Implementation of business programmes for Municipalities and Local Authorities

 Consultancy Services for the Private Sector of the Economy

Our services include:

  • Strategic and operational planning of companies and public sector’s organisations
  • Drafting of operational plans for the incorporation of enterprises in financing programs (CSF, development law, etc)
  • Feasibility Studies, diagnostic studies, support on the integration in financing programs
  • Planning of products and market researches
  • Organisation of enterprises and re-arrangement of processes (BPR)
  • Modernisation of enterprises with the use of new technologies
  • Development of processes and Application of products of information technology in enterprises and organizations
  • Planning, Management and Follow-up of Development Programs and projects
  • Technical Support Consulting Services
  • Development studies, local developmental programs
  • Project management for the co-ordination and the implementation of subsidised work
  • Exploitation of subsidised resources
  • Technical support for institutions of local self-government

Consultancy Services on Environmental management

Our blend of services include :

  • Implementation of studies of Environmental Repercussions and relevant reports as well as the development of technical bulletins of institutions of protected regions
  • Technical and specialised support of institutions and organizations on issues of environment management
  • Continuous, valid and up to date information of its customers, about the national and European laws as well as their changes
  • Specialised topics on energy, control of quality of water and air and management of waste